Restructuring and Change Management 


Change happens!  Every business will experience change or the need for change over time.  Changes can be initiated for regulatory reasons, personnel changes, manufacturing variations, new technologies, or, most often, the need to improve financial performance.   Well planned and executed change management plans are therefore essential for business success.  IMC has the experience and expertise to support such plans.



We have broad expertise and experience with restructurings and turnarounds, and with situations involving management transition and succession planning. We do not focus just on cost‐reduction. Rather, we assess and optimize product/marketing and overall marketing strategies. We will manage the challenges in a way that allows for a transition to a profitable enterprise, or that sets the stage for a sale to a third party.


Tactical Planning

Tactical planning involves initiating the change process and accurately defining the required change.   IMC has the analytical skills to determine what change is required using tools such as Affinity Diagramming and benchmarking to outline the rationale for a change.  This is backed by the decision-making skills to develop the appropriate pathway to execute the desired change, including the tactical plan that identifies the who, what, where, when and how for implementation.  The tactical plan is laid out and executed using a project management methodology.


Process Mapping

An important tactic to support change management that can be used with great effect is work process mapping (WPM).  This serves to provide focus and discipline while planning the change related steps and to understand the intended consequences.  This tactic focuses on work processes – the steps required to transform inputs into outputs that meet customer expectations.  IMC has the expertise to develop both AS IS and TO BE work process maps.  We work with your personnel to develop rational maps that work for you.  We can also train your personnel how to develop maps and use the software to do process mapping.


Team Development and Leadership

Another important component of change management is team development and leadership related to the proposed change.  This focuses on people – development of teams and leaders to effectively implement change.  IMC uses the methodologies developed by Patrick Lencioni, particularly in his book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”.  IMC focuses on methods to overcome the absence of trust, the fear of conflict, the lack of commitment, the avoidance of accountability and the inattention to results, that many teams deal with daily.  We do this in team retreat settings so that your people can learn about each other and how to work effectively to lead change.  We also use various assessment tools to determine baseline situations and demonstrate individual and team improvement.



Why we are Unique:

IMC complements its change management skills with the following:

    • Strong technology related knowledge and expertise related to planning technology commercialization and supporting various aspects of its execution.
    • Restructuring experience - IMC has led and supported large restructurings , including operational and financial aspects.
    • Knowledge of markets that drive change, including considerable experience with market surveys, market plans, and execution of sales and business development.