Marketing support for a new technology, product or service is critical for the success of any organization. Our team members have broad knowledge of key sectors with senior management and marketing contacts. Our extensive industry knowledge, analytical and research depth, and sleuthing capabilities allow us to conduct thorough market studies, develop market plans and then proactively support business development through active engagement. We have worked with start‐ups, new technology companies as well as mature companies to provide marketing support.


Market Research

IMC has developed numerous marketing studies that analyze current market conditions, identify competitors, target markets and segments, and assess key customer, economic, and social factors. Our team members’ experience and depth of knowledge across various industries allows us to develop and execute thorough market studies.


Market Plan

As a next step of a marketing study, we support development of market plan, which includes necessary analytical work, research support, and development of marketing approaches. Our industry contacts help us stress test a marketing plan and gather real time feedback to optimize the plan.


Business Development

We provide “hands-on” business development services that combine our knowledge and experience in various industries with our team’s extensive network. Our integrated approach to marketing enables us quickly and effectively target the decision-makers in targeted companies and helps our clients increase their revenues by speeding up their sales cycles.


Why We Are Unique

Our marketing approach integrates all key steps in the marketing function. This combines the analytical component with high level networking done by experienced and well connected IMC team members. Our team possesses:

    • Strong market research capabilities.
    • Market plan development experience.
    • Networking capabilities through IMC contacts and the development of relationships.
    • Targeted sleuthing related to target customer decision-makers and key processes and criteria while developing the appropriate context for the sale.
    • Strong technology commercialization capabilities, especially relevant for start‐up companies.
    • Sales execution capabilities.