Indigenous Relations


The IMC team is ready to assist with the planning and execution of Indigenous and stakeholder engagement plans.  IMC takes an integrated approach that considers the unique cultural and legal context, the specific regulatory considerations, and the realities of the site and location. In addition to helping to meet consultation  and engagement requirements, IMC can also develop win-win economic relationships between companies and Indigenous groups. 


Understanding the Cultural Context

Each Indigenous community has unique characteristics based on history, location, and social structure. Our team recognizes that traditional knowledge, traditional land use, protocol, and respect for elders are important components of Indigenous relations.  


Understanding the Legal and Regulatory Context

Existing regulations for many projects have specific consultation requirements, including those related to continued recognition of treaty relationships and the legal duty to consult Indigenous peoples. Our team can support the legal and regulatory process and compliance requirements, prepare necessary materials and content, support and execute consultation, and actively execute technical work to ensure that deadlines are met.


Understanding the Political and Policy Context

Our team has a deep understanding of how the policy and political context drives the regulatory engagement processes, and we are experienced working within in this area. Increasingly, consultation and engagement processes encompass a broad range of groups and individuals. 

Planning Indigenous and Stakeholder Engagement

A key step in consultation and engagement planning is identifying relevant stakeholders, accurately assessing opportunity and risk, and determining the appropriate level of engagement. What do audiences need to know to make informed decisions and judgments? What are the “hot button” issues and interests? The forms of engagement and communication are dictated by regulation and are influenced by the culture and setting.

Executing the Engagement Process

IMC utilizes its experienced team to support on‐the‐ground engagement and execution, including meeting facilitation, conflict management, risk communication, and consensus building. This support ensures that regulatory consultation requirements are met and exceeded while building stakeholder and community support for projects.  As well, IMC has extensive expertise in tracking, analyzing, and reporting stakeholder feedback that builds confidence with stakeholders as well as building corporate awareness. We ensure that all parties are treated respectfully and are protected for any future reputation risk, including protection of privacy.

Developing Economic Relationships

IMC can support negotiations of mutually beneficial commercial relationships related to project and corporate investments and procurement, ensuring expectations are managed and relationships developed in a positive manner. IMC also has experience managing Indigenous-controlled corporate entities. IMC can also advise on Indigenous workforce and business development strategies to address community economic development interests and build trusting relationships for long term project success.

Why we are Unique:

    • IMC team members have extensive commercial and project execution experience and in-depth experience in key economic sectors such as oil and gas, oil sands, forestry, renewable energy, and tourism, as well as knowledge of such areas as seniors care, housing, and health. 
    • We use an integrated approach grounded in understanding company needs, community interests, and regulatory context.